Three Months…And All I Got Was A Cold

Little Man G is now over 3 months old!  Time is absolutely skating by, and he is growing by leaps and bounds.  Of course, right at his 3 month milestone, the poor little one came down with his first cold (courtesy of daycare, no doubt).  He was quite snuffly, but thankfully only a low-grade fever and a dose of “Mr. Fuss Butts.”

Thankfully, he came through the first cold quickly, and now we’re back to the normal G.  He’s become quite the charmer, smiling at everyone, laughing occasionally.  He is really becoming such a happy baby, which is amazing to see.  His personality is developing more and more each day, and I look forward to seeing just what he’ll do next.

Finalization is still a few months off (likely in the first quarter of the new year), but for now I’m excited to have our first set of holidays with him.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are taking on a whole new meaning for us, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Much love,