Home Study Time!

After getting all the paperwork completed and sent into the agency, only one thing is left for our “Home Study” process…the in-house visit!  Our personal goal was to have everything turned in, and get the in-home visit scheduled, prior to leaving for our vacation.  I was concerned that wouldn’t happen because of the Dutch background check…having dealt with foreign bureaucracy before, I knew not to expect expediency.  I was shocked pleasantly surprised when our background checks took about a week to go through, and then a week to receive them in the mail!  Thrilled doesn’t even begin to describe how happy we were!

Which left us with only one step left to sort, scheduling the visit to our place to make sure that everything checks out.  We got an email from the agency last evening, and the dates the social worker threw out worked well with our schedules, and now we’re ready to go!  In a few weeks, we’ll do our in-home study, and hand over our book, and we’ll be ready to be shown to birth mothers.  And that is where the real wait begins.

So…I’m going to try to relax.  We’ve done all we can…now it’s up to God and His plan.  I will continue to pray for patience, and if you all could send good thoughts/prayers, that would be wonderful!  I’ll do a post on our adoption profile book once we receive it and make sure everything looks good!

Much love,



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