Crochet project!

Let me preface:  I am an old soul.  I like to sit at home, pet my cats, hang out with my husband, and do “old soul” things.  We play board games, we cook dinners together, and I even know how to darn socks.  Another one of my “old soul” hobbies is crochet.  I love creating pieces with yarn…picking out various patterns, choosing color palettes, and discovering new types of yarn.

Throughout the past 5-6 years, I’ve been making baby blankets for all my friends who have had children.  I’ve probably made 15 blankets or so…and they are all labors of love.  I love being able to make them for the babies (and my friends), but after awhile it was hard to keep making blankets for babies that weren’t mine.  I genuinely enjoyed making the blankets, but each time it was a little stab in the heart because we were wanting a baby so badly, but it hadn’t really worked out that way for us.

One of the things I swore that I would do when we had a child, was treat myself to some really nice, luxurious yarn, and make a baby blanket for our child.  One that I would (finally) get to keep.  Now that we’re moving on with adoption, I’m going to go ahead and start work on a project that has been in my heart for years now.

blanketI wanted to keep the colors neutral, but blue is my favorite color (and J’s favorite color as well)…so it made sense to incorporate shades of blue into the blanket.  The walls of the nursery are a very light grey, so nearly any color will look good with the walls (which was the main driver to light grey walls).  I’ve ordered some fabric samples in aqua and navy for curtains, so I decided to incorporate those colors as well.

Since we don’t know the sex of the child we’ll be matched with, I’ve decided that I’ll hold off on backing the blanket.  If it’s a girl, I’m thinking a bright coral or fuchsia flannel will be what I use.  If it’s a boy, probably a darker shade of grey.  Either way, I can easily make it specific to the child once we have the baby home…but until then, I’ll just keep working on the main part of the blanket.  I’m excited to show it in our adoption profile book, along with a few other things for the nursery…hopefully it will give birth mothers’ a good sense of how excited we are and prepared for this next stage of our lives!

Much love,


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