Fertilization Report!

Oy…it has been a quick 24 hours!  Later last evening my stomach started hurting more, so I took some pain meds.  The doctor prescribed Tylenol3, which is just Tylenol + Codeine, but it worked really well.  I fell asleep early, and slept well throughout the night, so I called it a win.

This morning, I woke early to say bye to J before he left.  Around 8:00am, the RE’s office called to give me my fertilization report.  Apparently in my drugged up state, I misunderstood the RE last evening.  They ended up getting 11 eggs, 8 of which were mature (not 11 mature in total).  However, that’s still good news!  Out of the 8 mature eggs, 7 fertilized with ICSI!  Because we had a small level of MFI, we decided to go with ICSI to help fertilization.  Thankfully, it seemed to work really well for us!

At this point, now…we wait.  They won’t look at the embryos until Sunday, to see how many made it to 5-day blastocysts.  It’s going to be a VERY long few days until Sunday…so grow little guys, grow!  I probably won’t update until then, but I’m trying to remain hopeful!

Much love,


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