IVF Stims, Day Two

Day Two went about as well as Day One.  After injecting the Follistim on the first evening, I had some bleeding when I pulled out the needle, but last night it didn’t bleed at all.  I must have nicked a vein or something the first time around.

Again, the Menopur went in just fine…no burn.  I did have a bit of a bump under the skin after that injection, but it seems to have gone away by this morning.

Overall, the injections seem to be going really well!  I’m much more comfortable with everything, but the HCG shot is still concerning.  I know for sure I can’t do that one, and J isn’t super comfortable with injections, so I might have to outsource that one to a friend who’s done this before.  We’ll see.

Even though the injections are going really well, I have a feeling the stim weight is going to start coming on.  I’m up 2 pounds from last week, which could be due to just the weekend and eating out (which I’m hoping), or it could be due to the stims.  I am seriously hoping that it’s just the regular weekend weight…ugh.  I’ll keep you updated though!

Much love,


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