Stims, Day One

Glass Medicine Vials and botox, hualuronic, collagen or flu Syringe on a white background.

I will admit, I’ve been worried about this all damn day.  I’ve been reading up on the injections, and everyone said that the Follistim was no big deal, but that the Menopur burned like crazy.  So, of course, I was convinced that it’s going to be the worst thing known to man.

I dug out my meds around 9:15pm (when I couldn’t wait any longer) and let the Follistim come to room temperature.  I got the Menopur mixed, and my Follistim pen primed, and then went back to the couch to finish my episode of “Fixer Uppers” (I LOVE that show!).  Around 9:45pm, I started in.  I did the Follistim in my stomach, because it seemed like the easiest place.  The injection went in with NO problem whatsoever.  I didn’t even feel the stick from the needle!  When I pulled out the needle, it bled a bit, but after holding a kleenex on it, it was fine (whoops…probably should have used a sterile gauze pad, but couldn’t find one and didn’t really care).

Then, it was time for the dreaded Menopur.  I was so scared about this shot…absolutely convinced that it was going to feel like the fire of 1,000 Hells as it entered my body.  I decided that I wanted to do that injection on my thigh, near my tattoo.  I figured, what the heck, I already managed to get a huge tattoo on my thigh and that didn’t kill me, so this would be fine too.  Pinched a GIANT bit of fat (seriously…GIANT…it was shameful and reminded me that I needed to work out), and went for the kill.  OMG…NO PAIN!  No burning, to feeling from the needle, nothing!  Such a relief!  I pulled out the needle, and didn’t have any blood from the injection site, so just called it good enough and pulled up my pants.

Of course, then I went to toss the syringe and nearly passed out from blood pressure dropping (because I was terrified of the shot, then the relief was so big)…J was like, “OMG, are you ok?!”  LOL…poor guy.

Needless to say, Day One of stims went by really well!  I actually think I can do this!  Only 9-11 more days to go!

Much love,

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