Baseline Monitoring

I was anticipating my baseline monitoring to either be today (Friday) or tomorrow (Saturday), due to my cycle starting Thursday.  When I called the doctor’s office, I was told that my nurse was only in Monday – Thursday, and that she preferred to see me, so could I come in that day.  I was able to, so I went to my monitoring appointment on CD1.

The appointment was fairly easy.  A baseline ultrasound, where they checked my AFC (antral follicle count – which was 20), and my endo lining.  Everything looked good, so I got dressed again and went out to talk with my nurse.  She went over my protocol with me, and we determined that I’d start injections Saturday (tomorrow).

Overall, I’m pleased.  An AFC of 20 is pretty decent and the RE told me that they’re hoping to get 10-12 mature eggs out of me come egg retrieval time.  Honestly, I’d be thrilled with that, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  J and I are hoping for 1 child, with the potential option for a second, so we’re not looking to have a huge family or anything. We’ve also made the decision to donate any embryos we have left to other couples who are unable to have bio-children of their own due to either MFI or egg quality issues. I really want to be able to help others who are suffering through this same thing, and this is one of the ways I can “give back.”

I’ll be sure to post tomorrow and let you know how the first round of injections go…hopefully they’re easy!

Much love,


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