Gearing up: IVF

ivfMy “summer off” is officially coming to a close.  It was probably the best decision I could have made for myself, and I’m so glad that I took a step back from treatments and the stress that accompanies them.

But, my break has come to an end.  And, I can honestly say I am ready to face this next step.  When I took a break from treatments, I was pretty hopeless that I would ever get pregnant, but after some time away, I have come back with a renewed sense of hope and anticipation.

I spoke with the RE yesterday, and got a list of meds that I need to order…I’ll be doing an Antagonist protocol with Follistim, Menopur, and Ganirelix.  The office will help me order what I need, and I’ve spoken with two pharmacies so far.  The first one was out-of-network for my insurance, and quoted me $5500 for the meds prescribed.  The second pharmacy was in-network, but hasn’t had a chance to run my insurance yet to give me a final cost.  If I was out-of-network and fully out of pocket, the cost with the second pharmacy would be $8900.  So far, the meds seem to vary in cost wildly between pharmacies, but I’m hopeful that my insurance comes through and the cost at the second pharmacy goes down significantly.

I also have an appointment next week to discuss the full protocol and to do an injection instruction.  I’ve never had to give myself shots, so this should be interesting.  J will help me out, if necessary, but he isn’t really comfortable with it either, so between the two of us we’re a fun pair.

I’m really hopeful that this works.  I’m starting to feel like we’re running out of options for a biological child, and while adoption would be a wonderful alternative, I’m not quite ready to give up just yet.  I always said I’d never do IVF, and here we are, so I don’t want to say “never” any longer, but it’s hard to imagine still going through all this a year from now.  Next week should hopefully give me some more comfort in the upcoming month.  Wish me luck!

Much love,