Starting the Process of IVF

ivfLast time I posted, I mentioned that we had decided to move on to IVF to try to get pregnant.  We’d been trying since May 2013, had undergone three IUIs, and now felt really ready to move on to something a bit more intense.  Which, is obviously still the case, as I’m here writing a post on how we’re starting the process.

We had a meeting with the RE a few weeks ago, where he outlined all our options and discussed chances and medicines, costs and procedures.  I left that meeting with a mix of emotions: happy, scared, excited, anxious, uncertain, and probably a few more that I wasn’t even able to really identify at the time.  But, it also felt good to really knuckle down and say, “this is the next step, this is what we’re going to actively do in order to get pregnant.”  I knew my cycle was going to be starting soon, so I planned to call when my cycle started in order to get the initial testing finished up and ready to go.

Some of the testing that needed to be completed prior to starting our IVF cycle was blood work to test for infectious diseases (things like HIV, titers for Chicken Pox and Measles, etc.) as well as blood type and grouping.  In addition, they also check for estrogen, FSH, and AMH levels.  That all needed to be completed somewhere between days 3-5 of my cycle.  I’m incredibly thankful that my RE’s office employs some amazing phlebotomists, because that was a long list of tests and apparently they needed a lot of blood.  Like, 7 vials of it.  Which seems minimal, until you’re the one sitting there with a needle in your arm.  Ugh.  It actually wasn’t bad in the least, very easy with minimal pain, and zero bruising.  These ladies are good, let me tell you.

Along with the blood work, they also wanted to make sure that my uterus looked normal and there weren’t any obstructions or polyps.  They do an SIS to check this, which is a Saline Infusion Sonogram.  Basically, they put a catheter in your uterus, pump in some saline, and use an internal ultrasound wand to look at your uterus to make sure it looks ok.  I was actually pretty concerned about this test, because, frankly, it sounded horrible.  Anything involving the word “catheter” sounds horrible, if you ask me.  I was really shocked (pleasantly so) to realize that it was honestly no big deal.  I had very minimal cramping when they put in the catheter, and after that it just felt like I was peeing myself when they put in the saline.  It was really need to see my uterus as well…all on the ultrasound screen.  I’m a total geek like that, but I find that stuff super interesting!

Needless to say, all the results came back perfectly normal.  We’re still waiting on J’s blood work (which was done earlier this week), but we’re not anticipating any issues there either.  This pretty much took care of all the pre-work for our IVF cycle, so now we’re cleared to go whenever we feel ready.  We’ll have to order our meds and get that sorted out, but we’re still looking to cycle at the beginning of October.  As the time goes by, I’m getting really excited…I really might be pregnant by Halloween!!

Much love,

3 thoughts on “Starting the Process of IVF

  1. Hi there- I am getting ready to try IVF as well. We have been trying for a while and failed IUI’s and even a laparoscopy. I went to the IVF consultation today and was offered basically the classic IVF or the genetic testing all inclusive IVF. I was curious if your doctor offered those things and if so, what your decision might be? I am so at a loss right now.


    1. So sorry that I haven’t responded until now!! My RE also offered both to us, and we have decided to do PGS, as well as ICSI, as we have some MFI. It was pricier, of course, but I think we might be “one and done” after this process, so we wanted to throw every possible technology at it to try to ensure success.

      How are you doing in your journey? Have you made a decision on PGS?


      1. I totally understand your decision!! We decided to go without the testing. We are trying one cycle out for now to see how it goes. If it doesn’t work we will wait a while to try again. So many decisions to make!

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