IUI #3: Bust

Well, in much the same fashion as the previous two IUIs, this one has failed as well.  It was our Hail Mary IUI prior to IVF anyways, so I didn’t hold out much hope, but there was a small part of me that thought “maybe this will be it!”  So, of course, when it wasn’t, I was devastated again.  This up and down cycle has been the worst…constantly waiting and wondering if now is the time.

So…what’s next, you ask?  Well…IVF looks to be next on our list.  I have a consult with a second RE on August 10th (the earliest I could get in), and I need to call my current RE to let them know this cycle was a bust and see when we can talk next steps with him.  I want to compare the two plans (as well as the costs at the two clinics) to see which one feels like a better fit for us.  IVF is so incredibly expensive, and we really only plan on doing one egg retrieval (ER) so I want to make sure that we give ourselves the best shot possible.  The second consult clinic has a better % for live births following a single IVF, but it’s not significantly higher.  I just really need to sit down and talk with both doctors to see what they feel is best for us, and then we can make a decision on where to move forward.

I honestly never thought we’d be here.  It’s heartbreaking to think about, and yet it also seems like it’s been so many years coming.  We’re well over the 2 year mark of trying to conceive, so I can’t really say I’m surprised that it didn’t work out on its own.  I’m just trying to keep the hope alive that this will work out for us, eventually.

On another note, we have decided to take the summer off from treatments.  I really need to let my body recover after two back-to-back IUIs, and we’d really like to just relax this summer and not worry about driving to the RE every week or so.  We’ve planned a trip to Washington DC for the 4th of July, and I’m planning a few smaller, weekend trips for us throughout the summer.  Plus, working on the house and getting started in some new activities should keep us plenty busy.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing summer…hopefully I come out of it in a much better frame of mind!

Much love,

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