IUI #3

While on vacation in Key West, we realized that IUI #2 was a bust.  Disappointing, to be sure, but not especially shocking.  After IUI #2, we received word back on DH’s sperm analysis (SA), and the numbers were lower than they were for the first.  What was particularly low was the morphology (~1%), especially compared to the first IUI and his initial SA.  So, needless to say, I wasn’t super hopeful for the 2nd IUI’s success.

After AF started (woohoo…cycle 29), I gave the RE’s office a call to see what we were doing next.  I was worried about DH’s numbers, and whether that would force us to IVF instead of doing a 3rd IUI, but our RE felt that there was still some value in trying the IUI if we wanted.  He definitely gave us the option and said that if we wanted to be more aggressive starting now, he understood that.  J and I both agreed that we wanted to do a 3rd IUI, and we felt that was the best option for us at this point in time.

My protocol is still the same as the last two IUIs.  Femara (5mg, from CD3-CD7), then a monitoring ultrasound on CD13 (if no +OPK prior to that) and then a trigger and IUI the next day.  That’s how it’s worked for the last two…I’d get my +OPK on CD13, go in for a monitoring appointment, everything looked good, so we triggered in the office and came back the next morning.  I anticipate this being the same way (fingers crossed!).  It’s actually fairly good timing, because J leaves for a work trip to India the week after, so we’ll get this in before he leaves.  However, that means I’ll find out if it worked or not while he’s away.  Could be great for a “welcome home” surprise, but will suck if it’s a negative while he’s gone.  Oh well, I’ll handle it either way.

So…here we are…IUI #3.  I really hope this one works and we don’t have to move on to IVF.  I’m feeling like this is our “Hail Mary” prior to IVF, so let’s hope God and luck are on our side!

Much love,

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