Today is 9DPIUI, and I feel like this cycle was a bust.  We got some news back on the hubby’s sperm analysis numbers, and it didn’t look good.  His overall count was much lower than before (though still slightly above the minimum for an IUI, and his morphology dropped a lot.  The nurse assured me that she’s seen pregnancies with even lower numbers, so hope is not lost, but I can’t help feeling like my stomach has dropped out.  I was so hoping that this would be our cycle…and it still very well might be, but now the sense of hope has been tarnished.

I tested this morning, stupidly knowing it was too early.  Of course it was negative.  And of course that has now exacerbated these feelings of doubt.   The hubby and I are leaving on vacation tomorrow (an anniversary trip, we celebrated 7 years of marriage together last Saturday), and I’m looking forward to a very long weekend on the beach in FL.  Hopefully we’ll still get our anniversary present in the way of a BFP!

Much love,


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