IUI #2

After taking last month off, J and I decided to do a second IUI this month.  I had the same protocol as before, 5mg of Femara from CD3-CD7.  I had a really good response the last time we used Femara, so the RE wanted to keep me on the same protocol and (hopefully) get the same result.

My monitoring appointment was Saturday.  I went in early and was immediately called back for bloodwork.  They ran a check on my estrogen levels to make sure they weren’t too high, and then I waited a bit more for my ultrasound.  The tech came and called me back, and I went through the usual “undress from the waist down” system, per usual.  During the ultrasound, my lining looked good, and it turned out that my response this time was even better this time around.  I had three follicles, one 18mm, one 19mm, and one 20mm-21mm.  Overall, everything looked perfect, provided my estrogen levels weren’t too high.  The office said they’d call me if there was a problem with my estrogen levels, and then I received the best news yet.  Because I had gotten a positive OPK that morning, I didn’t have to do a trigger (hCG) shot!!  I don’t mind them, but good grief, my rear was SORE after the last one!  If I could prevent that, all the better!

This morning was our IUI.  I keep telling myself that an IUI on Mother’s Day must be good luck, right?  I start progesterone on Tuesday, and for now I just wait.  I have such high hopes for this cycle!  The chances of triplets are less than 1%, but I would be thrilled with twins (obviously, a single pregnancy would be fine too).  After this, we’re only doing another IUI, and then we’ll move on to IVF.  It’s hard to think it might come to that, so I’m really trying to stay positive that this cycle is it!  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers, I’d really appreciate it!

Much love,


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