Gearing up for the IUI…and a crochet project!

picstitchThis weekend is our IUI, so now I’m just in a waiting period.  I finished up the Femara protocol yesterday, so now I have my monitoring appointment on Saturday, and if it looks ok we’ll do the IUI on Sunday.  I’m hoping that doing an IUI on Mother’s Day is a good omen!

This past weekend was a baby shower.  This is the first one that I’ve been to since we started TTC.  I knew it would be hard, but I don’t think I had any idea on just how difficult it would be.  I was trying SO hard to be happy for my dear friend, while still feeling so sad for myself and J.  It’s such an emotional rollercoaster, and sometimes I just want to yell, “LET ME OFF!”  I made a few baby blankets for two of my friends who are currently pregnant, so that was a constant reminder that I’m not making a baby blanket for me, but for others.  However, I kept reminding myself that this was an opportunity to really bone up on my crochet skills, so that when it’s our turn my blankets will be amazing!  Silver lining, right??

Otherwise, things are looking good here.  Work is going well, and I’m trying hard to keep the stress down.  I’m basically just counting down the days until our anniversary trip to Key West!!!

Much love,


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