Day 2 of Femara

Today is day 2 of my Femara protocol.  I had forgotten just how much that stuff absolutely exhausts me!

I feel like I’m stuck between two different mindsets:  excited and not excited.  One minute I think this cycle could really be it, and the next I’m convinced this will never work and we’ll never get pregnant.  Then, I think I’m completely, 100% ready to be a parent to a baby, and the next second I’m scared shitless, worried that I’ll never be ready for the responsibility.  Honestly, the uncertainty of it all is what worries me the most.

But…there’s time.  It’s only CD4, so early in my cycle, and I have the support of my husband.  He’s amazing throughout all of this, and I couldn’t do it without him.  I just need to relax and turn to God, because I know he’ll get me through this.

Much love,

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