Cycle 27, here we go.

AF has come and gone, and we’re not on cycle 27 of trying to conceive.  We’re going for another IUI again, so hopefully this is it.  I’m doing my best to keep my hopes up, but I’m also prepping J for the potential of IVF.  It’s been such a roller coaster for the past few weeks, between being on for the IUI, then off, then on again.  Because we’re back on, I’m missing a dear friend’s baby shower, and I feel so terrible about it.  I love her dearly and can’t wait until her little baby arrives, and it sucks that I’ll miss such a fun time.  I’m still working on her baby blanket, though, so I hope to finish and get that sent off this week.  Then, maybe when I am able to visit her later (hopefully June), I’ll meet the baby AND hopefully have one on the way myself!  I have to keep holding on to these little hopes, or else I’m worried I’ll fall off an emotional cliff.  Either way, we’ll get through it, one way or another.

Much love,


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