This morning was our IUI.  Yesterday, after the trigger shot, my hip started hurting pretty bad.  It felt like when you get a Tetanus booster shot…just that soreness in the muscle.  Needless to say, not fun (but well worth it if it works).

Today was fairly straight forward.  We got in early so that J could provide his “sample” and then we waited while they did the wash to prep it for the insemination.  That step there took about an hour and fifteen minutes, so we basically just hung out in the waiting room and go some work done on emails.  After that, we were called back, and the male tech hands me a test tube of the specimen and was like, “here…hold this until the Doctor comes in.”  So, I grabbed it with my thumb and forefinger, with a look of “WTF” on my face, and the guy tells me that I need to “wrap my hand around the tube and keep it as close to body temperature as possible.”  I probably had the most ridiculous look on my face…I seriously feel like I was holding the keys to the kingdom!

While waiting for the doctor (and while making sure to keep the swimmers as close to body temperature as possible), J and I joked around to break the tension.  I was nervous…couldn’t seem to help myself.  The doctor came in and started to get everything ready, and then we were in business.  The actual procedure itself didn’t take long, probably slightly longer than a pap smear, and then they left us alone while I laid there for 15 minutes or so.  The nurse came back in with J’s numbers, and a prescription for Progesterone that I have to start taking on Friday.  Otherwise, I was free to go and I can resume normal activities tomorrow!

I tested this morning to make sure the trigger shot worked, it was the first BFP I’ve ever seen.  I plan on testing out the trigger shot starting around 7DPIUI to make sure it’s gone before testing for real at 14DPIUI.  I’m just so hopeful for this cycle to work!  And, with having two strong follicles, I can’t help but hope that at least one (if not both) fertilize and we can be done with this for a while!  Hopefully, this is it!

Much love,


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