Monitoring Appointment for IUI #1

Today was my monitoring appointment before our IUI.  I got there early, and was taken back nearly immediately for an ultrasound.  After some gentle probing, the technician announced that I had two fully  matured follicles, one at 22mm and one at 23mm.  My uterine lining also looked good, right where they wanted it.  She showed me some stuff on the ultrasound screen, then stepped out so I could get dressed and meet with the nurse.

After getting dressed again, I went out to meet with the nurse, who walked me through tomorrow’s schedule.  She went to grab the trigger shot (a shot of Hcg, which is the often called the “pregnancy hormone”) which they give to women to cause ovulation, and came back to administer it.  The shot is an intramuscular shot, that they do in your hip/butt, and let me tell you, it’s not fun.  It didn’t hurt or burn, but it takes awhile to get the medicine in completely.  I felt very light-headed afterwards, but I think that was partly because I hadn’t eaten anything yet this morning.  Overall, though, it went relatively smoothly, and once I had something to drink I was perfectly fine to leave the office.

We go back in tomorrow.  J gives his sample for washing, and then I go back an hour or so later, for the insemination.  It’s crazy to think that, tomorrow, we could well be on our way to being pregnant!  Thankfully, the 2WW won’t be too excruciating.   We’re leaving for a 12 day trip to Alaska on Thursday, so I’ll have plenty to keep my focus in the meantime.  Wish me luck!

Much love,


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