Getting Excited!

I’m trying so hard to keep my expectations in shape for this upcoming IUI.  A part of my heart wants to leap with excitement, convinced that this was exactly what we needed in order to get pregnant.  The other part of me, the rational part, cautions my heart, warning me of all the months of disappointment.  In reality, our odds of getting pregnant with an IUI are only about 15%-20%…not the best out there.  Obviously, it’s better than what we’ve been doing, which puts us at a solid “batting ZERO,” so there is that.  Still, trying to manage my expectations.  It’s so hard when you want to hope so bad, but don’t want to be crushed under disappointment.

What are those of you out there, undergoing fertility treatments, doing to help manage expectations?  I’d love to hear suggestions!

Much love,

4 thoughts on “Getting Excited!

  1. Some months I keep my expectations low by just avoiding all things pregnancy. I don’t symptom spot and I don’t spend the two week wait living like I am already pregnant – I drink wine and coffee and just try to enjoy myself like a normal person. Other months (like this one) I choose to let myself hope and indulge in the ‘what if’ game. Yes it does get my hopes up, but without hope what else is there??


  2. I’m a pessimist by nature, mostly to avoid surprise and disappointment. I’ll admit that I’m really excited to try IUI, but I’m reminding myself not to get my hopes up too much. I’m just doing all that I can to prepare my body and give the IUI the best possible chance. I’m eating clean, getting exercise, and doing things I enjoy like taking baths and having girls nights. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you (and me too)!


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