13DPIUI #1…Nothing but Negatives

I’ve been testing since 10DPIUI, and nothing but negatives so far.  I have zero symptoms of AF showing up, but I’m pretty sure it’s due to the progesterone that I’m taking.  I’m going to test tomorrow (14DPIUI) and then call the RE to figure out next steps.  We had planned on doing IUI #2 next cycle, but I think J’s trip to Japan will put a hold on that…he’ll be leaving a day after I supposedly ovulate (if I were to start my new cycle today, which hasn’t happened).

Overall, I’m pretty sure IUI #1 is a bust.  I also think we’ll be waiting until May for IUI #2, due to work travel.  Overall, not thrilled with any of this.

Much love,



This morning was our IUI.  Yesterday, after the trigger shot, my hip started hurting pretty bad.  It felt like when you get a Tetanus booster shot…just that soreness in the muscle.  Needless to say, not fun (but well worth it if it works).

Today was fairly straight forward.  We got in early so that J could provide his “sample” and then we waited while they did the wash to prep it for the insemination.  That step there took about an hour and fifteen minutes, so we basically just hung out in the waiting room and go some work done on emails.  After that, we were called back, and the male tech hands me a test tube of the specimen and was like, “here…hold this until the Doctor comes in.”  So, I grabbed it with my thumb and forefinger, with a look of “WTF” on my face, and the guy tells me that I need to “wrap my hand around the tube and keep it as close to body temperature as possible.”  I probably had the most ridiculous look on my face…I seriously feel like I was holding the keys to the kingdom!

While waiting for the doctor (and while making sure to keep the swimmers as close to body temperature as possible), J and I joked around to break the tension.  I was nervous…couldn’t seem to help myself.  The doctor came in and started to get everything ready, and then we were in business.  The actual procedure itself didn’t take long, probably slightly longer than a pap smear, and then they left us alone while I laid there for 15 minutes or so.  The nurse came back in with J’s numbers, and a prescription for Progesterone that I have to start taking on Friday.  Otherwise, I was free to go and I can resume normal activities tomorrow!

I tested this morning to make sure the trigger shot worked, it was the first BFP I’ve ever seen.  I plan on testing out the trigger shot starting around 7DPIUI to make sure it’s gone before testing for real at 14DPIUI.  I’m just so hopeful for this cycle to work!  And, with having two strong follicles, I can’t help but hope that at least one (if not both) fertilize and we can be done with this for a while!  Hopefully, this is it!

Much love,

Monitoring Appointment for IUI #1

Today was my monitoring appointment before our IUI.  I got there early, and was taken back nearly immediately for an ultrasound.  After some gentle probing, the technician announced that I had two fully  matured follicles, one at 22mm and one at 23mm.  My uterine lining also looked good, right where they wanted it.  She showed me some stuff on the ultrasound screen, then stepped out so I could get dressed and meet with the nurse.

After getting dressed again, I went out to meet with the nurse, who walked me through tomorrow’s schedule.  She went to grab the trigger shot (a shot of Hcg, which is the often called the “pregnancy hormone”) which they give to women to cause ovulation, and came back to administer it.  The shot is an intramuscular shot, that they do in your hip/butt, and let me tell you, it’s not fun.  It didn’t hurt or burn, but it takes awhile to get the medicine in completely.  I felt very light-headed afterwards, but I think that was partly because I hadn’t eaten anything yet this morning.  Overall, though, it went relatively smoothly, and once I had something to drink I was perfectly fine to leave the office.

We go back in tomorrow.  J gives his sample for washing, and then I go back an hour or so later, for the insemination.  It’s crazy to think that, tomorrow, we could well be on our way to being pregnant!  Thankfully, the 2WW won’t be too excruciating.   We’re leaving for a 12 day trip to Alaska on Thursday, so I’ll have plenty to keep my focus in the meantime.  Wish me luck!

Much love,

Getting Excited!

I’m trying so hard to keep my expectations in shape for this upcoming IUI.  A part of my heart wants to leap with excitement, convinced that this was exactly what we needed in order to get pregnant.  The other part of me, the rational part, cautions my heart, warning me of all the months of disappointment.  In reality, our odds of getting pregnant with an IUI are only about 15%-20%…not the best out there.  Obviously, it’s better than what we’ve been doing, which puts us at a solid “batting ZERO,” so there is that.  Still, trying to manage my expectations.  It’s so hard when you want to hope so bad, but don’t want to be crushed under disappointment.

What are those of you out there, undergoing fertility treatments, doing to help manage expectations?  I’d love to hear suggestions!

Much love,

Some movement…

changeAfter last month’s negative, and then another again this month, both J and I decided it was time to kick it into gear.  I was nervous to start anything too soon, as we’ll be traveling to Alaska for vacation towards the end of this month (T-10 days!!), and then we’ll be in Key West, FL for our anniversary in May!  So, with all of this going on, I was nervous to start cycling with treatments.  But, J reminded me that we can handle anything that comes our way, and so I decided to give my RE a call.

I rang up the RE on CD1, last week.  They are so easy to work with and really nice, and the nurse spoke to me and told me that even though my RE was out-of-town, he had written up our “next steps” in my chart already.  The RE’s plan was an oral cycle with an IUI.  So, the nurse scheduled me for a CD2 ultrasound the next morning, and they would have my prescription for my meds ready to go.

I got in the next morning, bright and early, and prepped for my ultrasound.  I was all nervous, because really, who likes having a vaginal ultrasound done while on their period?  Not me!  But, the ultrasound technician was incredibly nice, and extremely funny, so we spent a few minutes joking about while she located my follicles.  Luckily, my lining was shedding as it was supposed to, I didn’t have any cysts, and I had a good number of starter follicles ready to go.  After the ultrasound, I got dressed again and went to speak with the nurse.  She handed me my prescription for Femara (Letrozole) and answered my questions regarding a trigger shot and expected response.  I am supposed to take Femara, nightly, from CD3-CD7.  She also asked me to schedule a monitoring ultrasound on the CD13 to see where I am, and use OPKs from CD10 until then to make sure I haven’t ovulated early.  Then, after my ultrasound on CD13 (if everything looks good), they’ll do a trigger shot in the office, and I’ll come back in the next morning for the IUI!  I’ve started on 5mg of Femara, so hopefully I’ll have a good response with that.  My only concern is I will ovulate late, and due to our vacation happening so soon after when the IUI is scheduled for, we’d have to convert the cycle to a timed intercourse (TI) cycle.  I really don’t want to do that, as I don’t really feel like it’s much different from what we’ve already been doing for the past 25 cycles.  But, I also have to trust that God has a plan and what will happen will happen, regardless of my worry.

So, that’s where we are.  I’m so glad to be moving things along.  If this cycle doesn’t work out, we’ll take next month off.  J will be in Japan and India for work during my fertile week, so we wouldn’t be able to cycle at that point anyways.  But, that just means that May (our anniversary month) is a possibility!

Wish us luck!