First RE Appointment

After trying for quite some time, we figured it was time to see if there was something wrong. I didn’t really want to waste my time with useless appointments, so I found a Reproductive Endocrinologist (“RE”) that was well-respected in the area, and made an appointment at that facility.  I wasn’t sure initially if I should start with an RE, but a friend told me, “RE’s GET you pregnant, OB/GYNs KEEP you pregnant.”  Seemed like some good advice, so I went with it.

I called and made an initial appointment, and they were able to get in me relatively quickly.  They asked that both J and I fill out a huge amount of paperwork on our medical histories and family histories, and to bring in any charts that I had from our months trying to conceive.  Plus, of course, any questions that I had for the doctor (of which I had several).

I arrived at my appointment early enough to get checked in and relax a bit.  I didn’t figure there would be any tests ran that day, as I was outside the window for some of the tests that were dependent on specific cycle timing, so it was more of an information only type of appointment.  I met with the RE, who was incredibly kind, and we discussed our issues thus far.  He looked over my records, asked me a ton of questions, and we looked at my charts.  He said that everything looked normal, and that he wanted to run a check on my estrogen levels and do an ultrasound, once I was ready to ovulate, then a week later run blood work on my progesterone levels.  I made appointments for the two most likely days I’d ovulate this cycle, and was told to come in as soon as my Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) turned positive.  At that point, they’d run the initial blood work and the ultrasound.

I asked some more questions to feel comfortable with where we were, and then I was on my way.  The appointment lasted a little over an hour, and a ton of information was shared, but overall I felt comfortable with where we were headed.  There was a sense of relief in finally doing something about it, even if we had no new answers.

On the flip side, I also felt incredibly emotional, as it was such a letdown to be labeled “infertile” and to know that we’d have to jump through additional hoops to achieve something that seems so easy for others.  I also felt bad for J, as he never signed up for this…having a child was supposed to be easy!  Unfortunately, J was in China, so he wasn’t able to go with me to the appointment, but I gave him a call after and told him how I was feeling, and he was incredibly sweet and supportive, reminding me that we were in this together and he was ok with where we were headed with treatments and testing.  I really needed to hear that, as I was mid freak-out and could have used the reassurance.  Hopefully, the following week would give us more answers…


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